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Do Your F** Homework – challenge yourself, come home, reconcile with your soul and merge with your universal purpose.

PART ONE (10 weeks)

Starting on September 13th 2022

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The DYFH challenge PART 1 will start with live sessions in English language on

  • September 13th 2022 at 18:00 (CEST)
    estimated length 60 minutes

and it will then take place live on a weekly basis.


  • WEEK 1/2 – Tidy up your life
    Integrating ZEN into our everyday-life and merging it with MUSLIM washing rituals
  • WEEK 3/4 – Invite your Ego
    Using the philosophy of JAINISM and integrating the teachings of KABBALAH to give the act of egoic thinking a clear reason to be
  • WEEK 5/6 – Resource Work
    Inviting MASARU EMOTO’s findings and NLP into our life
  • WEEK 7/8 – The five elements of life
    looking upon life from two perspectives, YOGA and TAOISM
  • WEEK 9/10 – Claim Ownership
    A soul in its vessel – the unsolved mystery about PLATO’s corporeal soul

In case you miss a Live Session, we record each week’s content plus homework for you to keep on track with the other participants and we have PDF material as well.

The first and last sessions (Sept 13th and Nov 15th 2022) are mandatory to join in person. All Live Calls will be recorded and are then available to watch for participants.

After having finished PART 1 allow yourself two weeks of space to integrate the learned wisdom and homeworks into your personal life. If you like to continue and dive even deeper into the wisdom universe has to offer you might also join DYFH challenge PART 2. It takes you safely into the new year 2023 and leads you straight into Sat Chit Ananda – falling in love with life.


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